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A comprehensive journey of self-storage transformation

Step into the new era of self-storage with Innstillo. Our mission goes beyond mere change. With a blend of cutting-edge technology and unmatched expertise, we drive a holistic transformation, steering your business into data-driven, remote management excellence.


Harnessing a Symphony of Expertise and Innovation

Transitioning in the self-storage domain is an intricate dance of technology, operations, and strategy. Innstillo is your partner in this journey, merging an in-depth understanding of industry processes with the forefront of technological innovation. We bridge gaps, from intricate tech installations, seamless software migrations to intensive staff training, ensuring a revamped, efficient business model.

Infrastructure Installation
Predictive pricing

Tech evolution

Harness our expertise as we integrate digital locks, cutting-edge surveillance, and innovative sensors throughout your facilities.

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Facility makeover

With Innstillo’s experts by your side, reimagine sales areas, brand touchpoints, kiosk experiences, and achieve an unmatched aesthetic and functional appeal.

Maximized returns

End-to-end construction & development

With a keen eye on modern standards, we manage facility development, conversion, and branding, ensuring a seamless transformation.

Data Migration
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Tailored configuration

Together, we'll customize Inntello's platform for your specific needs – language, currency, VAT, payment gateways, and beyond.

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Smooth data shift

Move all data from legacy systems to Inntello, spanning CRM, ERP, units, customer interactions, and more, under the guidance of Innstillo's migration specialists.

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Advanced digital capabilities

Once migrated, unlock the potential of transactional web features and predictive AI pricing mechanisms.

Staff Training
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Operational Paradigm Shift

As we transition technologies and strategies, we ensure your team is in sync, ready for the modern self-storage landscape.

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Service Excellence

Lay the foundations of a robust Call & Service Centre to elevate customer interactions.

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Expert-Led Training Sessions

Innstillo’s training maestros guide your team through every nuance of the new tools and strategies.

Unleash the Power of Inntello

Your Transformation Partnered with Innstillo

Your Transformation Pathway with Innstillo: Engage in a methodical, expert-driven process. From initial strategy crafting to mastering your new operations, Innstillo's dedicated team of specialists, consultants, and technicians are with you at each phase, ensuring that the journey is not just transformative but also enriching.

Phase 1

Crafting the Blueprint with Experts

 Strategic Collaboration: Join forces with Innstillo's specialists to draft a roadmap, factoring in budgets and key challenges. Digitize Facility Management: Together, establish a cutting-edge internet infrastructure, deploy advanced cameras, access systems, unit locks, and more.Revamp Customer Interactions: Benefit from Innstillo’s expertise to enhance customer engagement, from bookings to payments. Team Mobilization: Collaborate on staff training, benefiting from Innstillo's extensive change management experience. Centralized Command: With our guidance, set up an efficient Operations Centre. Inntello Personalization: Work with our consultants to tailor Inntello for your unique needs. Branding Evolution: Engage in a transformative rebranding process. Comprehensive Resource Strategy: Strategically deploy both Innstillo and in-house resources for a seamless transformation.

Phase 2

Groundwork & Integration

 Process Redesign: With Innstillo’s expertise, reengineer business workflows for modern challenges. Team Transformation: Continuously engage, retrain, and evolve your workforce with Innstillo's expert insights. Smooth System Transition: Collaborate on the migration of data and systems to Inntello. Pilot Programs: Launch pilot initiatives, led by Innstillo specialists, to test and refine the new systems. Customer Transition: Seamlessly migrate customer data, optimizing CRM functionalities. Shift to Centralized Management: Transition to a unified operational model, leveraging the strength of parallel systems. Revenue Innovations: Together, introduce forward-thinking revenue models.

Phase 3

Accelerating Change

 Facility Transformation: Elevate your facilities to modern standards, backed by Innstillo’s know-how. Ongoing Team Development: Engage in persistent staff adaptation, harnessing Innstillo's resources. Customer Engagement Revitalization: Relaunch customer interaction points, from websites to on-ground touchpoints. Operational Excellence: Integrate the new model entirely, unlocking potential revenue avenues like AI-driven pricing. Operational Savings: Identify and realize cost-saving opportunities, drawing on Innstillo’s industry expertise.

Phase 4

Mastery & Forward Momentum

 Automated Excellence: Achieve peak self-storage automation, augmented with remote management. Data-Driven Operations: Harness data to drive operations, refining performance through a state-of-the-art Operations Centre. In-depth Analytics: Dive deep into metrics, from KPIs and pricing strategies to cost analysis. Showcasing Modern Assets: Highlight updated, modern storage facilities complete with real-time reports. Planning the Future: Align with Innstillo strategists to explore exit or refinancing avenues.

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Join hands with Innstillo, and let’s unlock the future of self-storage together, every step anchored by expertise, commitment, and the unparalleled capabilities of Inntello.


WITH 50 years of combined experience from the industry.

With over 50 years of experience, we are now launching the next chapter in self-storage. We believe there is a better and more efficient way of operating self-storage, benefiting both customers and owners.

Our founders two backgrounds form the perfect match for Innstillo to dramatically improve the operations of self storage with a digital remote operations model in a scale that suits institutional investors.